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Phonopull e demais produtos

  • Does the product offer a warranty?
    Yes. The equipment has a 1-year warranty, subject to the 'Warranty Term' document, available for download.
  • Can I use cabling other than the one provided in the kit?
    No. This equipment must work with approved cabling, provided exclusively by the manufacturer. The use of non-approved peripherals and accessories may damage the equipment and will result in immediate loss of warranty.
  • Can the equipment be customized?
    Yes. Depending on the conditions of the club where the equipment will be installed, some modifications may be requested. The cabling, for example, can be made-to-measure, and it will be up to the customer to inform the ideal lengths. Depending on conditions, prices may vary.
  • Is the Phonopull ASTRA better than the imported one?
    In terms of functionality, Phonopull ASTRA is equivalent to imported models. However, it has the latest and most reliable technology, which guarantees greater durability and robustness to the astra equipment. In addition, it is more financially accessible and has warranty and technical assistance. Unlike the stagnant proposal of international models, the ASTRA phonopull was born within a company linked to innovation, with the stamina to always be evolving its products and striving to guarantee its customers the very best in sport shooting.
  • What is the ASTRA Companion app?
    The ASTRA Companion app, developed by ASTRA and available for smartphones with Android or iOS operating system, is unique in the world. Capable of connecting to the ASTRA phonopull, it allows the user to control training or competitions through a wireless button module on the smartphone screen. It also provides target counting as well as the date and duration of each round of fire. System sensitivity control and timer function for training are also features offered by the app. ASTRA continues to work to improve and expand its solutions, focused on the performance of athletes and aware of the importance of having technology as an ally in an increasingly connected world.


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